Evangelical Scandal

by Steve Ray on November 4, 2006

FOX NEWS: Evangelical Leader Admits to Buying Meth, Denies Using (Latest from MSNBS, see below.)

Embattled national evangelical leader the Rev. Ted Haggard admitted Friday that he bought methamphetamines and received a massage from a gay prostitute, but denies he ever used the drug or had sex with the man. "I bought it for myself but never used it," Haggard told reporters gathered outside his home. "I was tempted but I never used it."

Haggard, 50, a married father of five, who resigned his post as head of the thirty million member National Association of Evangelicals, said he never had sex with Mike Jones, a 49-year-old gay escort who claims to have had a drug-laced three year tryst with Haggard.

He also stepped down from him post as head pastor of his 14,000 member New Life Church. For more info,visit MSNBC, or the National Association of Evangelicals at http://www.nae.net

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