“Communion of Saints” on Relevant Radio

by Steve Ray on October 11, 2006


Wednesday morning, October 11

Communion of Saints

Sean Herriott at 8 AM EST on Morning Air

Click here to listen to Steve and Sean Also, follow their links to listen to the archived show later.

In this Q & A format Steve will discuss why we venerate the saints, how we can pray to them, the the stages of the Church, and other related topics. 

1) For Key Bible verses, Quotations & Resources, click here.
2) Steve's Article: Mary, Saints & Worship: Do Catholics Worship Mary?
3) To read more about  the Communion of Saints, click here for a great resources at Catholic Answers.
4) Patrick Madrid's book Any Friend of God's is a Friend of Mine: A biblical and Historical Explanation of the Catholic Doctrine of the Communion of Saints

To learn why Steve Ray converted to the Catholic Church, click here for his story and here for his talk.

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