Wednesday, October 4, 2006

There are nuts and then there are NUTS!

by Steve Ray on October 4, 2006

Crazy.jpgAlmost every day I get an e-mail from a looney tune. This week is no different. Following is the core of the latest e-mail from a guy named James Y. Always nice to have a laugh during a busy day. Here is an excerpt from one of his meandering e-mails. He heard me on the radio and saw Karl Keating's E-Letter and immediately jumped on his soap box.

Not only is his "theology" off base and his manner extremely rude, but his writing and spelling are also just as flawed; he could have spent a little time with spelling — especially my name which is Stephen, not Steven. Oh well, who expects a nut to be concerned with details.

"Look who is joining Karl in another Protestant view of how to make a living, (making money selling Christ and living the good life), none other than Steven Ray for a trip of a lifetime. Come party and pray and learn the latest Protestant view of Catholicism and buy their latest books, which were old protestant books but now just reworded to sell to a new crowd of "Catholics". 

"The reason I ask that question to Steven Ray the other day on Salvation, was very simple I want to prove to you guys from the horse mouth that this man and all of them (Catholic Answers' Karl Keating, Jimmy Akin, etc) are fakes and charlatans. They are teaching a different faith than the Catholic Faith, a Protestant form and it is their only form of living doing it. For many of them, last year they were selling books to the Protestant and now this year selling it to "Catholic"–Christ said drop and sell everything and follow me, not to go make lies and falsehood to profit from My name." 

Not sure who the guy is or what his agenda is, but he did give us a good laugh. But on the other hand, it is sad that such people are out there attacking those of us working in apologetics and the New Evangelism — attacking anyone that doesn't accept him as pope.

But then again, Vatican II was full of heresy and Pope John Paul II wasn't really a valid pope, right? Geez!

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