Catching up and Bob Sungenis

by Steve Ray on September 22, 2006

I apologize for a few days away from my blog.

For those who know, or have heard of Bob Sungenis, you will be interested to read his supposed apology and apparent move to a more moderate position. I wonder it is genuine and lasting. I wrote him a short note of hope and encouragement. He is a tremendously gifted apologist. Even it is genuine it would take a long time for Bob to regain any sort of respectability in the Catholic world. In any case you can read his letter here.

He has also written a response to the website entitled “Bob Sungenis and the Jews” which I posted about a week ago. You can read his rebuttal of the site here. I have not read either completely so I have no opinion at this time, but I offer this as a service to interested readers. Click here.

Later Note: Here is the latest salvo regarding Bob Sungenis and the Jews, click here.

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