Friday, August 25, 2006

Finished Shooting Two Pilot TV Shows

by Steve Ray on August 25, 2006

TVSetUp.jpgWe are still at Skyline Productions in Phoenix Arizona and we just finished shooting the two pilot shows for our new Defenders of the Faith TV series that we will be pitching to a wide range of TV network and cable outlets.

The shows, developed and produced by Joe Reynolds of Skyline Productions, are presented in an interview format with an "adventure" theme setting. Janet and I discuss topics together, interview guests, take viewers on short pilgrimages to biblical lands, ask trivia questions, take questions from listeners, and more.

TVSetUp2.jpgWe hope it will provide an exciting and fun alternative to the many "talking head-type" Catholic programming in vogue today. Stay tuned!

Picture to left — preparing the set;  Picture to right: Joe Reynolds gets us ready to interview Hal Mayer. Click on the images for larger pictures.

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