Monday, August 21, 2006

Today (Monday) Steve joins Jerry Usher from 7-8 PM Eastern time on Catholic Answers Live to discuss King David's Place in Salvation History. Click here to listen to the archived show with RealAudio.

This is really exciting stuff — but sadly David is ignored, though it is part of the Catholic teaching. David's life is rich with significance — helping us understand Jesus, salvation, and the Church. We will dig around and discover these beautiful treasures and answer questions.

DavidPsa51.jpgHave you ever felt crushed by sin? David can relate, especially in Psalm 51. Have you ever felt like this? Jesus felt like this in the Garden of Gethsemane too — but not for his sins, but for your!

Unhappily, the Old Testament is usually considered "old" and thus ignored. But, we should think of the "Old" Testament as the "Foundational" Testament and the New Testament as the "Fulfillment" Testament. Then we would understand more richly — and be more deeply blessed.

Questions Asked During the Show

1) Is David a Saint and if so, what is his feast day? David IS a saint though he is not canonized in the Roman Church as New Testament saints are — and he has no Feast Day. The Catechism says in paragraph 61 "The patriarchs, prophets and certain other Old Testament figures have been and always will be honoured as saints in all the Church's liturgical traditions." See also paragraph 58. Here is an interesting link to get more details. 
2) When did David write the Psalms?
3) Weren't the judges human rulers too? Why did having a king make any difference in Israel?
4) Is the Pope a King since we believe the Church is a kingdom?
5) Was David a real person or only a mythical figure?
6) How do David and Solomon prefigure or picture Jesus Christ?
7) Why was David punished for taking a census?

DavidDVD.jpgClick here to listen to the archived show with RealAudio.

Much of this interview is taken from my DVD David & Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom all filmed on location where  David actually lived and reigned. 

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Those are Fightin’ Words

by Steve Ray on August 21, 2006

UponThisRock sm.jpgSeveral years ago an anti-Catholic named William Webster wrote a sloppy critique of my book Upon this Rock: St. Peter and the Primacy of Rome in the Scriptures and Early Church. In response I wrote a 200 page rebuttal. Then we went back and forth a few more times and others joined in.

Webster eventually cried "Uncle" and dropped out because he was getting the worst of the debate and I was exposing his books–making it obvious how sloppy and disingenuous they were. 

What really happened was this — he was proved to be wrong, sloppy, and twisting the words of the Fathers the way many Fundamentalist Protestants twist the Scripture. These Fundamentalists just HAVE to get Scripture and the Fathers to fit their narrow Fundamentalist tradition–kind of like forcing a square peg into a round hole.

I just updated the debates between Webster and myself. I have made them easily accessible on PDF files. Now you can delve into a detailed and lenghthy debate about the Primacy of Peter and the See of Rome. This debate mainly centers around the Fathers of the Church and there is MUCH to be learned by following the debate carefully.

So, if you have a liking for such things, click here. For other defenses of my books and other works, click here. As Catholics we need to be able, willing and ready to stand up to "fightin' words" against Our Lord, his Church, Our Lady, and the Pope.

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Can You Trust the News?

by Steve Ray on August 21, 2006

If you think you can trust the news — especially about Israel — then click here. This is especially damning for Reuter's and the New York Times.

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