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by Steve Ray on August 17, 2006


Steve joins Chuck Neff on Relevant Radio's "Searching the Word" on Thursday at 1 PM EST. For more info, click on the sign to the right.

Listen to the archived show.
Questions answered on the show:

1) My Protestant friend likes your videos but refuses to baptise their children. How do I explain the biblical basis and the importance of Infant Baptism (also click here)?
2) My relatives can't undertand why they let us take communion in their Protestant church, but they are refused communion in Catholic churches. What should I tell them? For a helpful article, click here.
3) The Bible says, "call no man on earth your father" so why do we call our priests "father"? For further info, click here.
4) What is the Bible? What does "inspired" mean and how do we know the Bible is inspired? How do we know which books really belong in the Bible?
5) My friend wants me to attend her wedding at the Justice of the Peace; what should I do? Why is Matrimony a sacrament and what does the Bible and Church teach?

My next "appearance" on Searching the Word is on Tuesday, September 26.
I am on Catholic Answers Live on Monday, August 21, from 7-8 PM EST.

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