Defending my Comments in National Catholic Register

by Steve Ray on August 13, 2006

Hezbollah.gifNational Catholic Register interviewed me for the front page of their August 6-12, 2006 issue. The interview was entitled Trouble in the Land They Call the Fifth Gospel. You can read the interview now by clicking on my blog entry here.

In the interview, which was conducted during the first few days of the Lebanon-Israel conflict, I shared my thoughts on the conflict.

I received two e-mails criticizing my comments so I thought it appropriate to respond to them.  You can read the responses here.

To see videos showing how Hezbollah hides in villages to fire their rockets in the midst of civilians, see these videos provided by the IAF — one of many news sources I go to for info. Click here.

By the way, my Lebanese friend says that the Hezbollah are firing rockets from his own Christian hometown in Lebanon! (From another of my many news sources — a native born Lebanese.)

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