Friday, August 4, 2006

You Never Know Who You’ll Bump Into

by Steve Ray on August 4, 2006

Janet and I were just preparing to enter the Security Zone at the Detroit Airport where they plunder you and make you take off your shoes and empty your backpacks when we notice a familiar face. She was queiing up behind us and I said, "Janet Smith?"  What a nice surprise.

For the few Catholics who still don't know who Dr. Janet Smith is, she a Professor of Philosophy at Sacred Heart Seminary — but she is more well known for her outspoken and uncompromising stand on Pro-life issue and Catholic morality, expecially about contraception. She is dynamo and it was wonderful to bump into her.

 We spent the next half hour sitting in the Coney Island discussing the tremendous revival of orthodoxy taking place at Sacred Heart — actually, at almost all the seminaries. She commented on how even ten years ago she there were moats put up around seminaries to keep people like her out, but now they are embracing solid, orthodox Catholics. We also talked about the many incredible things going on in the Church right now, how much we loved the new pope, and how we were proud to be small parts of the revival and renewal taking place in the Church.

We also found out we were going to the same place — the Witchita Catholic Family Conference. So, as she rushed off to catch her plane we shouted at her, "Let's finish this conversation in Wichita!"  Isn't it a great time to be Catholic? Isn't it wonderful with all the nonsense of the past decades beginning to fade away into oblivion? This stage of the Church in America will be remembered like a bad nightmare — but with the Lord who builds his Church there is always a bright, sunny, and orthodox morning waiting for those willing to pray and wait.

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