Catholic Answers Live: OT & Sacraments

by Steve Ray on July 14, 2006

passoverlamb.jpgSteve joins Jerry Usher from 6-7 PM Eastern time on Catholic Answers Live to discuss The Sacraments Revealed in the Old Testament.

This is really exciting stuff — but sadly hasn't been widely taught recently, though it is part of the Catholic teaching. The Old Testament is full of images, types, and pictures of the sacraments. We will dig around and discover these beautiful treasures and answer questions.

Can you guess what the picture above prefigures? What is it a picture of and what does it represent?

Unhappily, the Old Testament is usually considered "old" and thus ignored. But, we should think of the "Old" Testament as the "Foundational" Testament and the New Testament as the "Fulfillment" Testament. Then we would understand more richly — and be more deeply blessed.


For an excellent example of sacraments prefigured in the Old Testament, view my blog entry on being Born Again. For my thoughts on the question of "Baptism in the Name of Jesus vs. the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit," click here.

MosesVideo_t.jpgTo listen live over the internet, click here. In a day or two you will also be able to listen to the archived show by clicking here.

Much of this interview is taken from my DVD Moses: Signs, Sacraments & Salvation all filmed on location where many of these things actually took place.

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