Thursday, May 25, 2006

Upcoming Vote

by Steve Ray on May 25, 2006

Consider these facts provided by Catholic Answers:

• Catholics make up 26% of the electorate.
• A higher proportion of Catholics than Protestants turn out to vote.
• Catholics are more likely_ to vote for “liberal” candidates: In 1992, 44% voted for Bill Clinton, while only 34% of Protestants did so. In 1996, 53% of Catholics voted for Clinton, while only 35% of Protestants did so. In 2000, over 50% of Catholics voted for Al Gore.
• Two-thirds of American Catholics-66%-support keeping abortion legal.
• More than half of them-56%-support euthanasia or assisted suicide.
• 34% support fetal stem cell research.
•  47% support homosexual “marriage.”
• Tellingly, 55% of American Catholics do not attend Mass regularly.
• And the Catholic population is concentrated in states (such as California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts) that have a high number of electoral college votes.

These figures are from the Gallup Organization, and they show that Catholics can make or break an election.
After all, in most political races the winner beats the loser by less than 5%. If Catholics voted as Catholics should, they’d change the political landscape entirely.

But just look at how Catholics vote in practice! If Catholics consistently vote for these moral evils, how can we hope to save America from self-destruction?

We can’t-unless we start educating our fellow Catholics and help them understand that it is a serious sin to vote for something that is morally wrong.

And we need to show them that it’s a sin to vote for politicians who endorse these evils.

That’s why in 2004 Catholic Answers created the Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics.

In fact, Catholic Answers raised enough money to get it read by 20 million people! It even appeared as full-page ads in USA Today, which is read by four million people!

The new Voter’s Guide will be released soon (watch my blog because I will announce it) and if you want to help support Catholic Answers, click here. And make sure YOU vote Catholic.


Since it is still in the news a bit — though many who have seen it say it is boring and confusing — I offer this link to the finest short explanation and refutation of the DaVinci Code. I think it was written by Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers and is available on their website. Click here and again, thanks to Catholic Answers for always being on top of the game!

ALSO, read Rex Reed’s blistering critique of the DaVinci Code in the New York Observer.