Friday, May 12, 2006

Look What the US Bishops’ Office Says

by Steve Ray on May 12, 2006

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DavidVideo_t.jpgWow! Read what the United State’s Bishops Office just released! Click here! To learn more about the DVD, click here.It is always rewarding to read something like this after working on something for two years of your life. Blessed be God forever!

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“David/Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom” (2006)
Ancient Israel’s two greatest kings are profiled in this sixth installment of the 10-part “Footprints of God” series of videos hosted by Stephen Ray, a convert from the Baptist faith to the Catholic faith, whose animated zeal brings the Bible to life.

“Tracing David’s rise from humble shepherd boy to God’s anointed king, the program presents him in all his complexities: warrior, poet, hero, sinner; a man who united a divided people and forged a nation, but whose misdeeds — including adultery and murder — nearly destroyed his kingdom.

“Solomon gets sketchier treatment, focusing on his legendary wisdom, building of the first Temple of Jerusalem and his later fall into idolatry. Together their reigns marked ancient Israel’s “golden age.”

“Touring the actual Holy Land sites where the scriptural events may have occurred, the engaging video illuminates how both men prefigured Jesus, providing Catholic viewers with a deeper understanding of their faith by highlighting Christianity’s Jewish roots and by linking the Old and New Testaments in the drama of salvation.

“The DVD also includes a “making-of” documentary and other behind-the-scenes material, as well as a short interview with Nigerian Cardinal Francis Arinze. (Ignatius Press).”