Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Talk On-line

by Steve Ray on March 22, 2006

Are Protestants Really Saved by Faith Alone?
Are Catholics Born Again?

You can listen to my talk by clicking here. It is a big file and may take a few seconds to load. I was told a 13-year old girl insisted this be put on the internet so all her friends could listen to it! Hope you enjoy it!


Conference in Westphalia MI

by Steve Ray on March 22, 2006

To read the story of how this conference got started — by Baptists confronting and intimidating the local Catholics, click here.

The conference in Westphalia Michigan went beautifully and the gymnasium was PACKED. They had planned for 400-500 people but over 800 showed up! People were standing in the hallways trying to hear the speakers. This is NOT a big city. This was way out in the farm country and still people came for miles around to be “confirmed” in their Catholic faith.

We know there were a lot of Protestants in the room too. Many of them had very good questions and were very serious and open-minded. We were all impressed with the organization at St. Mary's and with the people how volunteered to help. They were extremely professional and organized.

We believe much good fruit was born on that day. People were excited to be Catholic, thrilled to hear their faith praised and affirmed, and they were all happy to know that Catholicism is the truth and the fullness of the Christian faith. People have already started coming back into the Church too.

I am grateful to Fr. Cecilio Reyna, Fr. Tim MacDonald and their team of volunteers. I am also grateful to Roy Schoeman, Mark Shea, Gary Michuta and Rod Bennett for joining me so willingly and freely to encourage these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ.

Sample e-mail:

Dear Mr. Ray,

I had emailed you earlier this fall about the Westphalia apologetics conference and I just wanted to thank you and your friends putting on such a great conference. I was shocked to see so many people there! You could see how much these good people needed to be encouraged and what great faith the people of Fowler/Pewamo/Westaphalia have. I really believe that the spirit is moving there and the whole day was very moving for me as well.

May God bless you as you continue to serve Him in His Church. John