Monday, February 20, 2006

Holy Land and Holy Sites

by Steve Ray on February 20, 2006

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The Eunuch & Bible Study Opportunities

by Steve Ray on February 20, 2006

He loved the Hebrew Scriptures and read them faithfully. He knew they were the words of God. He not only read the scroll at home, but he even pondered them when bumping along desert roads in his chariot. He read Moses and the prophets and he puzzled over what it all meant.

His chariot had just brought him hundreds of desert miles to worship in Jerusalem and he was now beginning his long, hot journey back to Ethiopia. This powerful official in charge of Queen Candace’s immense treasure was reading aloud from the scroll of the Prophet Isaiah. While pondering the meaning of Isaiah’s words, he was suddenly surprised by a man running through the desert, right up to his chariot.

Breathing hard, this mysterious man listened to the Ethiopian reading from the scroll. He then shouted, “Do you understand what you are reading?” The official said, “How can I, unless some one guides me?” And he invited the stranger up into his chariot. The man was Philip the Evangelist and the Holy Spirit had specially sent him into the desert to help the Ethiopian eunuch understand the word of God in the scroll of Isaiah (Acts 8:25-39).

God has always provided his people with instructors for understanding his word contained in the Scriptures and in tradition. This gift has taken two forms. The Church has been granted bishops who in union with the Pope teach authoritatively. The Church has also been gifted with many wise and educated lay people who have studied and learned and are able to instruct the faithful.

Catholic Scripture Study International (CSSI) is such a group of lay people. They love the word of God. They are providing Scripture studies for Catholics to use and they are instructing lay teachers and clergy to take the word of God to Catholic parishes and study groups that have sprouted up across the country.

Two wonderful opportunities are available this year to learn from a number of talented Catholic instructors—trained men and women who share their love of Scripture and their biblical expertise in hands-on conferences. This is just what is needed for those who want to study and teach the Bible, for laity and clergy alike.

You can join us in Charlotte North Carolina from April 29-30, or on the fabulous CSSI Alaskan Cruise from August 4-11. In both venues you will learn from Bible teachers and trainers about how to study the Bible and how to lead and teach Bible studies. Both venues will be filled with others like you enjoying a relaxing conference or cruise and digging deep into the word of God.

Learn from faithful Catholic teachers how you can study and teach the Bible in the heart of the Catholic Church. Join us in the “Ethiopian’s chariot” as these teachers will instruct the faithful on the meaning of God’s word.

A new springtime of Bible study is upon us. Catholics are crying out to know the word of God. Learn to study the Scriptures for yourself and learn to teach others. As St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” The time has come and the time is now. Join us in Charlotte NC or in Alaska. We look forward to seeing you!