Happy Upcoming St. Valentine’s Day

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2006

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Last year Steve gave a talk entitled “Men, Marriage, Sex & Heaven” to a packed house of 350 married couples at World Marriage Day on February 14th. You could hear a pin drop and many couples said it transformed their marriages. You can now listen to this talk on audio CD. For more info, click here.

From the sponsor of the event: “We have been getting some awesome feedback from your talk. Comments such as:  He was down to earth.  Not preachy.  He was helpful.  He gave good practical tips.  He was humorous.  He was encouraging.  He was informative, especially for us women.  I wish I had heard this long ago!

“One man shared that he felt he was not romantic enough and he needed to work on that.  His wife agreed, but also felt that she understood more how "he" felt.  She never realized it before.“

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