Deep in the Bowels . . .

by Steve Ray on December 10, 2005

. . . of the edit bay out here in Phoenix Arizona, Janet and I are working on the post-production of our next video/DVD David & Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom. We are searching for and adding art, chosing musical selections, creating maps, recording my voice-overs, and working with all the scenes we shot in Israel last month. 

Joe Reynolds (below) is our videographer and technician and these are his studios. We are locked away for 12+ hours a day in these dark confines slaving away to bring the story of salvation to the world!   :-)



We really enjoy working together on this project. It is a huge puzzle with thousands of pieces that have to be found and worked into place. You get to see the final picture, but here you see us working with the pieces. We will be here until December 19. Keep us and the project in your prayers. Lord willing this documentary will be for sale by March 15, 2006.

PS. Soon we film our scenes with the lion. It will be a nice break from the studio work. My wife is worried, but I can't wait!


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