Monday, December 5, 2005

Married 29 Years Today

by Steve Ray on December 5, 2005

My wonderful wife Janet married me 29 years ago today, on December 4, 1976. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I had hair back then, but she says I am still handsome even though it is gone.

And she loves me enough to keep her hair long for me because she knows how much I love it. That's love for you.

Time flies. Memories build. Families grow. Bones start aching. Some day when we are in our 80's, Lord willing, we will sit on our porch swing and remember the “good 'ol days“ — taking the time to look back in wonder and amazement, but until then we are a team and have too much to do for Our Lord and family.

Thank You Lord, for finding this woman for me. I couldn't dream of a better friend, lover, and partner — not to mention mother of our children and grandma for our grandchildren. I am truly blessed beyond measure.

PS  My mom says I am very lucky because no other woman in the world would have ever put up with me.