Saturday, December 3, 2005

Search Away!!

by Steve Ray on December 3, 2005


I am happy to announce an addition to the search capabilities from my Home Page. We have added a marvelous Catholic Dictionary by Fr. John Hardon. It is simple to use, quick, and very orthodox and full of information from the Bible and Catholic teaching.

For example, if you look up the “Immaculate Conception,” this is a portion of what you get —

“IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Title of the Blessed Virgin as sinless from her first moment of existence. In the words of Pope Pius IX's solemn definition, made in 1854, "The most holy Virgin Mary was, in the first moment of her conception, by a unique gift of grace and privilege of almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ the Redeemer of mankind, preserved free from all stain of original sin." This means that since the first moment of her human existence the mother of Jesus was preserved from the common defect of estrangement from God, which humanity in general inherits through the sin of Adam. Her freedom from sin was an unmerited gift of God or special grace, and an exception to the law, or privilege, which no other created person has received.“

This ready reference at your fingertips is a great tool.

With a quick click from my Home Page, you can now  access the Daily Mass Readings, check the Catholic News, search the Bible, the Catechism or the Catholic Dictionary, plus much more.

Give them all a try! Enjoy!