Were Evangelical Protestants Present at the Early Church Councils?

by Steve Ray on November 27, 2005

Council of Nicea, August 24, A.D. 325, 7:41 PM–
“That was powerful preaching, Brother Athanasius. Powerful! Amen! I want to invite any of you folks in the back to approach the altar here and receive the Lord into your hearts. Just come on up. We've got brothers and sisters up here who can lead you through the Sinner's Prayer. Amen! And as this Council of Nicea comes to an end, I want to remind Brother Eusebius to bring the grape juice for tomorrow's closing communion service . . .“

“Ah yes, the Baptists at the Council of Nicea…..“

The idea is absurd, though many Evangelicals consider the early Church Fathers to be like them, not Catholic. I blush to admit that I once thought the same thing — back in my past life as a Protestant. To read the rest of the interesting and fun article by Fr. Hugh Barbour, O.Praem., click here.

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Brian Wagner June 30, 2007 at 10:44 AM

I agree. Baptists were probably not at the council of Nicea as participants. They would not have joined in such a state-run gathering of professing Christianity. They would not have acknowledged Constantine as Pontificus Maximus. They all stayed home in their local churches with their bread and grape juice celebration of the finished work of Christ on the cross for man’s redemption.

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