Friday, November 4, 2005

Leaving to Film David & Solomon

by Steve Ray on November 4, 2005

So many people have asked, “When will the next video/DVD ready?” We have good news — we leave in 4 hours to film David & Solomon: Expanding the Kingdom.”  We plan to have it ready for shipment before Easter.

Please keep us in your prayers. We will be filming in many unusual places in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. I am polishing my sword (literally), practicing my slinging of stones, and preparing to meet our rented male lion. It should be an interesting film shoot and an interesting DVD.

I will try to keep up the blog with info and pictures of what we are doing. It will depend a lot on internet accessibility.

Here are the locations we will be filming in:

Nebi Samwil (Tomb of Samuel, highest point in Jerusalem)

Shiloh (Home of the Ark of the Covenant for over 350 years)

Mizpah (where Samuel anointed Saul as king)

Bethlehem (birthplace of David)

Azekah (for establishing shot of Elah Valley)

Elah Valley (place where David killed Goliath)

Gibeah of Saul (site of King Saul’s fortress)

Cave of Adullam  (where David hid from Saul)

En-Gedi (where David hid from Saul)

Wilderness of Ziph (where David hid from Saul)

In an Olive Grove

Abu Ghosh (where the Ark was housed until David brought it to Jerusalem)

Hebron (where David reigned as king for 7 years)

Gezer (fortified city of Solomon)

Jerusalem –City of Jerusalem Walls

JerusalemOphel Park, Gihon Spring (ancient city of David)

JerusalemMount Scopus (overlooking Jordan Valley and mountains of Moab)

JerusalemMount of Olives (Jesus and David both wept here)


JerusalemKidron Valley, Tomb of Absalom

Gihon Spring Plaza (anointing of Solomon as king)

Jerusalem – Dung Gate

Jerusalem – Seven Arches

Jerusalem – Mount Zion, David’s Tomb

Jerusalem – Hill of Corruption (where Solomon worshiped pagan gods)