Monday, August 22, 2005

Alex & Donna Jones: The Full Story

by Steve Ray on August 22, 2005

From Detroit riots to Pentecostal preacher to Catholic deacon — the whole story is now told not only from Alex Jones' perspective but also eight exciting chapters telling Donna's story of life as a “preacher's wife” and her own journey into the Catholic Church.

About three years ago I negotiated the contract between Ignatius Press and the Jones' and then help set up the contract with Diane Hanson, a wonderful writer and Catholic friend, to interview Alex and Donna and to write their story. The manuscript is now done and it will be out in book form in the Spring with the title “No Price Too High.”

Diane Hanson sent the chapters to Janet and I to read and we tweaked them a little but she did the writing and she did a marvelous job. The book will be full of pictures from their younger days up to their recent reception into the Catholic Church.

In the picture you see Janet and I to the left, then Donna and Alex Jones sitting in the middle. Behind them is Stan and Pam Williams who have recorded the whole journey on film and hope to produce a documentary of the story; then you see Bart and Diane Hanson. To the far right is Dennis and Susie Walters. Dennis worked with the Jones' faithfully for two years catechising them with careful instruction into the faith.

Diane also wrote the very first story of our Footprints of God series, our secular business and our family's conversion.

We all gathered at the Jones' for a barbeque and to celebrate the completion of the manuscript and our friendship and joy in the Lord and in His Church.