Jehovah’s Witnesses Just Knocked on my Door

by Steve Ray on August 17, 2005

Ah, they were pretty obvious. I knew who they were before I opened the door, but I waited to let them introduce themselves by name. Then I interrupted them with a smile and said, “Ah, Jehovah's Witnesses, right?” 

They smiled and said, “Yes.”

I did not have time to talk with them today so I took charge of the conversation. “I am really sorry that I don't have time to talk right now. I am getting ready to take 50 people on a pilgrimage to Israel. You should know too that I am a very strong Catholic — a convert to the Catholic Church. You might also like to know that I have all of your books on my shelf. I have your Greek New Testament, your English New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures along with your other books.

“I especially have your book Reasoning from the Scripture which teaches you how to answer the questions Catholics ask — the book that teaches you how to argue and defend your theology.”

“Really,” they said, “that is interesting.”

“Yes,” I responded, “I understand your religion very well, but I am a strong Catholic and I am very sorry that I don't have time to convert you today . .. .”

At this the lady gasped. I smiled and continued “. . . but if you would like to come back some other time I will convert you then. Thanks for stopping by.”

With puzzled looks on their faces they turned and left. Then they went next door to our Catholic neighbors and friends. I'm sure they got an earfull there!

Ah, we need to get Catholics strong in their faith so they will resist and even convert the heretics instead of caving in and becoming heretics themselves. “Lord Jesus, bless your Church and build it as you have promised! Amen.”

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