Monday, July 25, 2005

The Real Mary Magdalene — not Dan Brown’s

by Steve Ray on July 25, 2005

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July 22nd is annually celebrated by members of the Roman Catholic Church as the Feast Day of St Mary Magdalene.  She is a woman  who has been honoured by generations of Christians as a role model because of the exemplary way she followed Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

On this page you will find a wide range of resources including biographies, images, book recommendations, articles, prayers, Bible references, recipes and general web links.

This links page was created with the aim of sharing something of the richness of the Catholic tradition of honouring saints. The makers of Life4seekers also wanted to provide readers of Dan Brown’s, The Da Vinci Code, with accurate information about St Mary Magdalene.  We hope that you find the links provided to secondary materials enjoyable and interesting. Happy exploring!

Image of St. Mary Magdalene

Who was St Mary Magdalene?

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St. Mary Magdalene

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