Kind Words – Much Appreciated!

by Steve Ray on July 22, 2005

When you write a book and engage in debate it is very demanding. That is why words like those below are so encouraging. These two compliments on my book Upon this Rock came today and made me very happy.
NEW!  “I just wanted to let you know what I thought of [Upon this Rock].  I don't have nearly as many books as you.  I have a couple of 6-foot bookshelves in my home.  But I reserve the uppermost shelf for the books that I think are among the best I've read.  And your book, Upon This Rock, is top-center of that shelf.  It is an astounding book, well-researched, steeped in erudition, and yet it addresses the arguments, such as they are, of modern critics.  A truly marvelous book.  Easily the best overall book on papal history since Rivington.  And, believe me, I've read a few:  Butler, Chapman, Rivington himself, Newman (who, I know, never truly went into much depth on this specific topic), etc.  Thanks for a job well done.“                     Barry U.
“Thanks to Steve Ray for his work on the papacy and his systematic demolition of Bill Webster's claims [in the debates here]. It is one of the more impressive feats of apologetics that I've seen in my brief experience of Catholic theology.“          Jonathan P.

“I want to be a teacher, and if I ever teach a class on the Papacy, I will be using your book as an introduction to the class. It is by far the best and most complete book I have ever read about the supremacy of Peter. The Biblical and early church fathers was well organized and more in depth then I could have ever hoped for. Thank you for your research. Your book will be a very useful tool. For I too wish to get my Masters in early Christian history and Biblical studies. I just wanted to praise your work and say thank you.“           Theresa L.

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