Thursday, July 7, 2005

Safe to Travel to Isael??

by Steve Ray on July 7, 2005

Since we travel to Israel 2-4 times a year — visiting, exploring, filming and taking pilgrims on tours — I often get asked:  “Is it safe to travel to Israel?”

First I answer with a question: “Is it safe to travel to Oklahoma City, to Detroit (“Murder Capital of the Word“), to LA or to New York (9/11)?”  More people were killed on 9/11 than have been killed in Israel through the whole Intifada! And after the 4 bombs that blew up in London today, I ask “Is it safe to travel to London?”

Then I give my real answer “Yes, it is safe to travel to Israel” and you can click here to read my review of why it is safe to travel to Israel. Click here to see the brochures for our 2006 Pilgrimages.


We’re off to the Conference

by Steve Ray on July 7, 2005

Janet and I are off to the “Called to Lead” conference. Keep us in your prayers — I teach in 6 events to teach so the pressure is on! I am incredibly pleased to see Catholics teaching seminars on how to Study and Teach the Bible!


Do you want to learn how to study the Bible, build a Catholic library, teach the Bible, and more?

Then this is the conference for you!

Steve Ray will join other Bible teachers in this first-of-a-kind gathering to teach Catholics how to study and teach the Bible.  This group of Catholic Bible teachers will gather together to share their expertise and be available for questions and to assist you.

It would be a shame to miss this conference — especially if you want to teach the Bible and help others teach it as well.

Are you a priest? Are you a deacon? Are you a DRE or RCIA teacher? What about an apologist or one aspiring to know and teach the Bible? Are you a layman called to evangelize and share our faith? Then this is the conference for you!

For more info, visit the Called to Lead website by clicking here.

Steve's Talks:
1) How to Study the Bible; 2) Computer Tools for Studying the Bible; 3) Building a Catholic Library; 4) Tools and Tricks of the Trade: Using your Library; 5) Video as Bible Study: Footprints of God, 6) Tough Questions on Bible Study


Rap Song about Abortion

by Steve Ray on July 7, 2005

Rap is not my cup of tea, but if you like rap or know someone who does, this is a very good song and video about abortion entitled “Can I Live?“ by rapper Nick Cannon. It is well done and very moving. Click here. You can visit his website here. This kind of song should be spread far and wide!


Update on Woman Ordaining Themselves

July 7, 2005

From my friend Ed Peter's website: “While sacrilege is never funny, there is something comical about the recent spate of ladies climbing into river boats and play-acting as bishops and priests. Philippe Cardinal Barbarin however, second youngest elector in the College of Cardinals, was not amused when it occurred in the portion of the Lord’s […]

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