Excellent RCIA Material

by Steve Ray on June 19, 2005

Unfortunately, materials used for Initiation classes into the Church — RCIA classes — have been watered down and insulting to anyone with intelligence. I know many people who have converted and fallen in love with the Church only to be discouraged and insulted in the RCIA classes due to the insipid, milksop materials.

Well, that is about to change! The Association for Catechumenal Ministry, for which I am an advisor, is producing intelligent books that are faithful to the Church. I can't recommend them enough. No longer are we held captive by the publishing establishment's “progressive” materials that do injustice to the richness and beauty of our faith.

Are you an RCIA teacher? Do you know someone who is? Would you be willing to introduce this excellent new program to your parish? If so, click here to introduce yourself to the Association, and to see a sample of their material. Also, there is a sale on now which lasts for one more week.

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Nancy Brennan August 16, 2007 at 8:43 PM

I am a new Jr. High youth minister in Boise, Idaho. A friend just gave me Steve Ray’s CD to listen to on his conversion. I really want to know what sort of Bible Study might be good to use for the youth. I know I am called to teach them this to really plant that seed in their spirits and minds.

What a beautiful story!! I want to know about all that symbolism used in Scripture. As a cradle Catholic, I wasn’t taught these things. If we can educate our youth well, perhaps they will be able to defend the faith. I don’t agree that we Catholics are afraid to tell protestants the truth about our Catholic faith, but that we simple do not know. The laity need to learn and catechize to our youth.

Thank you,

Nancy Brennan

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