Friday, May 20, 2005

Catholic Cartoon Tracts to Share the Faith

by Steve Ray on May 20, 2005

Jack Chick started mass producing his “gospel tracts” decades ago and they have misguided millions with lies and misinformation — especially about the Catholic Church. (Click here for the definitive explanation and refutation of Jack Chick and his publications.)

Now Catholics have a series of cartoon tracts to counteract Jack Chick and to share the truth of the Catholic faith. Click here to see/buy the great little tracts Dan Grajak has written for us. Buy these tracts and pass them around. This is an easy, exciting, effective, and fun way to share your Catholic faith.

– Leave them with your tip at the restaurant
– Place them in phone booths
– Set them in waiting rooms
– Slip them under windshield wipers
– Put them in the church book rack
– Insert them in the envelop with your utility payments
– Give them to your kids to pass around
– and come up with your own hundreds of ideas.