Thursday, May 19, 2005

Seminarians Double In 25 Years
Thanks to Growth of Vocations in Asia and Africa

VATICAN CITY, MAY 17, 2005 ( Although the Church counts on a decreasing number of clergy worldwide, the number of seminarians has almost doubled, reveals the latest edition of Church statistics.

The "Statistical Yearbook of the Church 2003" reported an increase from 64,000 in 1978, to more than 112,000 in 2001-2003, according to L'Osservatore Romano.

The growth, however, is "different from continent to continent," reported the semi-official Vatican newspaper. . . . .“              For the whole story go to Wed. May 17th at


When Was YOUR Church Started?

by Steve Ray on May 19, 2005


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Church   Year   Founder(s)   Location    
Lutheran   1517   Martin Luther   Germany  
Anglican   1534   Henry VIII   England   Have you left the
Catholic Church?
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Calvinist   1555   John Calvin   Switzerland  
Presbyterian   1560   John Knox   Scotland  
Congregationalist   1582   Robert Brown   Holland    
Episcopalians   1789   Samuel Seabury   American Colonies    
Baptist   1609   John Smyth   Amsterdam   Are you thinking
of leaving?
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Methodist Episcopal   1739   John & Charles Wesley   England  
United Brethren   1800   Philip Otterbein & Martin Boehm   Maryland    
Disciples of Christ   1827   Thomas & Alexander Campbell   Kentucky    
Mormons   1830   Joseph Smith   New York   Are you a convert
to Catholicism?

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Salvation Army   1865   William Booth   London  
Jehovah Witness   1874   Charles Taze Russell   Pennsylvania  
Christian Science   1879   Mary Baker Eddy   Boston    
Four-square Gospel   1917   Aimee Semple McPherson   Los Angeles    
Harvest Christian   1972   Greg Laurie   Riverside, CA    
Calvary Chapel   1965   Chuck Smith   Costa Mesa, CA    
Saddleback Church   1982   Rick Warren        
Catholic 33 Jesus Christ Jerusalem    

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