Guam’s Newspaper Summarizes our Visit

by Steve Ray on April 29, 2005

The Pacific Voice, the main newspaper in Guam has written an article summarizing our Apologetics mission trip to Guam. I thought they did a very nice job. Click here to read the article.

We are making preliminary plans to return to the Philippines and Guam for two weeks in January 2006. This time it looks like Tim Staples and his wife Valerie may be joining us! What a hoot that will be! Tim is a great guy and I LOVE working with him. He has such a command of Scripture and a sense of humor. He is one of the best and this is a trip I will really look forward to.

Tim says that a crowd of 500,000 will be the largest he’s every talked to at one time. Should be a wild, exciting apologetics adventure!

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