Expect a Backlash

by Steve Ray on April 12, 2005

Many people have commented “What a week! The Catholic Church was promoted over news stations that usually slander her; the Gospel was proclaimed, and 2 billion people watched the beautiful funeral Mass of a very holy man. What a week for Catholics!“ Yes, it is true, but . . .

. . . Beware! The backlash is on the way. NO ONE would dare be sarcastic or critical during the days of mourning when billions of people honored a man respected by everyone and loved by most.

BUT, the Catholic Church has many enemies and they have laid low over the past days. They are laying in wait for the right time. Expect them to unleash their claws at any moment. They will slash us and criticize us for our moral stands, exaggerate our sins, and pontificate about how bad we are. They will chastize John Paul II for being old fashioned — unwilling to keep up with progressive modern times.

But what is the truth? In reality, the Pope was way ahead — HE is the progressive one. The Culture of Death is not moving forward — it is sliding backwards — backwards into paganism — back to the times when life was cheap, God was mocked, and Christians were persecuted. It is the Pope that was way out in front. He was the one who was modern in the true sense of the word.

So, those who are caught in the backwash of our culture, swooshing back to the paganism of the past, will begin to arise and condemn us and criticize the Church. Be prepared! Hold your head high!

Soon we will have a new pope to move forward again, leaving the neo-pagans and fools in the backwash of history.


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