On Fox News Again Monday Morning

by Steve Ray on April 4, 2005

I was on Fox News and Fox & Friends twice on Sunday morning and twice again Monday morning.

It was a delight to be on Fox to declare my faith in Jesus Christ and in His Church. When asked about the Pope refusing to be more modern with Church teaching on women, sexuality, and morality, I commented that the Pope had a job to do — to keep the Ship of the Church on course.

The Pope’s responsibility was to maintain the teachings of Christ and the Apostles — not to be blown off course with the winds of change. Jesus did not promise us a “demoocracy of God”; he promised us the “kingdom of God.” JPII was a faithful Royal Steward (Isaiah 22).

I was also able to share about my conversion to the Catholic Church and how I researched the Bible and the Early Church attempting to disprove Catholicism — but what what actually happened was — I fell in love with the Catholic Church.

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