Just a Sliver of Ice, Please?

by Steve Ray on March 23, 2005

You walk in and the lady is dying. Her lips are cracked and swollen. She’s had no food or drink in four full days — she is starving.

But she is surrounded with “health care providers” so she will be OK, right? No! On the contrary — the phrase “health care providers” is a euphemism. These provide no health nor care — they are starving an innocent and helpless woman.

You can’t even treat a dog like this in the USA. Imagine if you were actively starving a dog to death!?!?  The police would surround your house with machine guns and take the dog away and give it food and water.

Even when veterinarians  DO “put a dog to sleep” they give him a shot so it feels no pain and dies quickly. AND, if someone comes along willing to take the dog, they are glad to avoid killing it — but not so for Terri Shiavo who has loving parents that are begging to save – to take her home. 

No such luck for Terri Shiavo. The “murderers,” sanctioned by the courts of this “great” United States — watch as she suffers and wimpers in hunger and thirst — slowly dying of starvation and dehydration. And the doctors and nurses stand by . . . watching . . . held back by police and the courts.

But the mother and father arrive. Ah good!  Surely they will help their poor daughter — if only to quench her parched lips with a few pieces of ice to suck on. But alas, they are strip searched and forbidden to even touch their daughter — the girl that came from their very bodies — they are denied the freedom to put a pillow under her head, open the blinds, or give her a drink.

Soon she will be dead . . . think about that when you eat dinner tonight.

Imagine . . .  this is America, not Nazi Germany!  What is going on?

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