Washing Those Cute Little Feet

by Steve Ray on March 21, 2005

Foot Washing on Holy Thursday to Include Women

BOSTON, Massachusetts, MARCH 20, 2005 (Zenit.org).- Archbishop Sean O’Malley has decided that this year he will wash the feet of women and men during the Mass on Holy Thursday.

The archbishop angered some Catholic women last year by only washing the feet of men, the Boston Globe said. The archbishop consulted with Vatican officials about the Holy Thursday practice, the newspaper said.

The Vatican responded that although the “liturgical requirement is that only the feet of men be washed at the Holy Thursday ritual,” he could make whatever decision he thought was best for Boston, said Ann Carter, a spokeswoman for the archbishop.

The rubrics for Holy Thursday, written in Latin, clearly state that the priest washes the feet of men, “viri,” in order to recall Christ’s action toward his apostles. Any modification of this rite requires permission from the Holy See.  ZE05032029

I think it’s a bad idea. Why break with ancient tradition and the clear instructions of the Church which recalls Jesus washing the feet of his male disciples? Geez, next they will suggest we read The DaVinci Code before arriving on Holy Thursday. Then they’ll have women wash the feet too. Hey, why not? Keep the feminists happy!

I hope the priests keep their eyes in their heads and their minds on the job . . .

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