Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mary in Time Magazine — Cover Story

by Steve Ray on March 17, 2005

“She was there at the Cross. Yet Protestants seldom talk about Jesus’ mother at Easter—or at most other times. But they are starting to now . . . “  
Time Magazine, March 21, 2005

Looks like a trend in Protestantism to acknowledge that Mary is more than simply a Vaginal Conduit — something Catholics have known for 2,000 years. How has a woman who is the Chosen Daughter of the Father, the Vigin Mother of the Son, and the Chaste Spouse of the Holy Spirit be ignored and slighted?

Mary said “all generations will call me blessed.” Hopefully Protestants will begin to appreciate and respect our Holy Mother along with us. For more, read the story here.


Condom Ads on Primetime?

by Steve Ray on March 17, 2005

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Networks Set To Begin Airing Condom Ads In Prime Time

Dear Steve,

CBS and ABC have said they are seriously considering airing condom ads during prime time and daytime television.  NBC and Fox and other networks will follow their lead.


I hope this concerns you as much as it does me.  The condom companies say their purpose in airing their ads is to help stop the spread of disease.  So, why do their ads promote products like “Warm Sensations” and “Twisted Pleasure”?


Don’t be fooled by their double-speak.  If the networks decide to break their self-imposed policy of not airing condom ads, we’ll soon have Church & Dwight’s “Trojan Man” ads bombarding our children at every turn.


You can expect that these ads will be aired repeatedly, especially during sporting events.


The networks and condom companies don’t really care about what they advertise when our children are watching television.  They want to make money!  That’s why one company president said, “…we could quadruple this business.”  Does that sound like a company that has our children’s best interest in mind?


Do you want the networks to start airing condom ads all hours of the day?  Once condom companies get their foot in the door, it’s only a matter of time before the ads will get more and more graphic.


Please send an email message to the six major networks that use public-owned airwaves.  Let them know you want them to reject any offers to air condom ads on network television.


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Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

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