On Our Way to Beirut

by Steve Ray on March 3, 2005

For the next 10 days Janet and I will be traveling through Lebanon, Cyprus, and Israel. We are in the thick of writing the scripts for our next two videos in the Footprints of God series. We are going to study, research, get video footage, and set up our contacts and make arrangements.

We have to stay over in Cyprus because it it forbidden to fly from Beirut Lebanon directly to Tel Aviv Israel — so we decided to take two days to explore the island with much biblical history.

This map provides a simple itinerary. The thicker dark lines are our flight patterns; the thinner red lines show the areas we will explore.

We fly from Detroit, through Amsterdam to Beirut. In Lebanon we will specifically visit the Cedars of the Lord. I need footage of this area for the David/Solomon video since Solomon built the Temple from the wood of these famous cedars.

We will also visit Sarafond which is ancient Zarephath of the Old Testament. Elijah stayed with the widow here for up to three years — raised her son from the dead, provided miraculous oil and flour (1 Kings 17). Here is shows himself a type of Christ. All the background video footage will be used in the next two video projects including Elijah/Elisha.

It will be interesting in Beirut right now since the people have just risen up against the Syrians and the Syrian-backed government has resigned — democracy is flourishing!

Because of the layover in Cyprus we planned two days to tour the Greek section of the island and to explore the sites related St. Paul and St. Barnabas which took place in Acts 13. Paul also sailed around Cyprus on his way to martyrdom in Rome.

Next, we land in Tel Aviv and drive to Jerusalem where we will stay three days at the Notre Dame Hotel researching the stories of David/Solomon and Elijah/Elisha — which will both be released in 2006. We have to explore Gibeon (home of Saul), Mizpah (where Saul was anointed king), Shiloh (where the Ark of the Covenant rested for 200 years), and many other sites.

I will try to keep the blog updated every day or so to explain and share our adventures and discoveries. Keep us in your prayers.

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