Friday, February 25, 2005

Man and Woman – Two Boxes

by Steve Ray on February 25, 2005

What is this picture trying to say? Hum.

Woman has a great number of dials and buttons, but the male just has an “on-off” switch. Hum.

I talked about these two boxes in my presentation “Men, Women, Sex & Heaven” . . .

. . . which by the way has been selling like crazy — it must have hit a real nerve. I talk about where we “live” every day but what we never talk about.


Pope Gets a Tracheotomy

by Steve Ray on February 25, 2005

Inside the Vatican Magazine


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Doctors attending Pope John Paul II have performed a tracheotomy

Inside the Vatican has learned, from reliable sources, that doctors attending the pope decided to insert a tube into the pope’s neck to assist his breathing. The operation is called a tracheotomy. “He is very weak; that is the problem,” said one source. “I am very worried.”

This morning I would still have said that he would still have had some years to live, however this evening I am no longer so sure. The Vatican has not yet officially commented on this matter. We will keep you updated on these very serious developments as the day progresses.

– by Dr. Robert Moynihan