Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Steve New DVDs Finally Available

by Steve Ray on February 9, 2005

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Cardinal Schonborn on Mary



Forced Resignation of a Pope?

by Steve Ray on February 9, 2005

From my Friend and Canon Lawyer, Ed Peters

There is a lot of silly talk—much of it self-perpetuating—about the College of Cardinals arranging for the next pope to resign upon reaching a certain age. This is complete nonsense; neither the College of Cardinals nor any other power on earth has the slightest authority to require a papal resignation (see 1983 CIC 331, resting on divine authority stretching back to the Petrine Commission recounted in Matthew 16). 

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Ashes in Makati

by Steve Ray on February 9, 2005

Ash Wednesday Devotion in the Philippines

From My Friend Alex Tan:
I heard Mass today at Greenbelt in Makati but I was late cause they started it 15 minutes earlier than usual. There were two masses going on at the same time, one in the proper church, and another in the gymnasium. But this is not the story.

There were so many people! I wasn’t even able to approach the church and see the priest, being late I had to be content with just listening to the proceedings from the parking lot. My point is this: it warms my heart and keeps me committed in the things that we do for our fellow believers and Catholics. To see people lining up to have ‘dirt’ smeared on their foreheads and ruin precious makeup and risk contamination as well, a very commendable manifestation of the belief not only in the Church but it’s Tradition. It’s Great to be Catholic!!!! It makes me more committed to help these people stay inside the CATHOLIC Church. Amen?

Steve, I wish you folks in the US and all those folks in Europe could see this phenomenon, I’m sure some fence sitters would be infected by the sheer force of the people’s faith! I’m gushing!

From My Friend Henry Siy:
Same thing happened with me at a small chapel in Libis.  Normally, around 30 people go there for daily Mass but today, the church was  packed!!  Maybe around 500 people packed the small church. 

Fr. Glenn, our Priest, in his homily said that like a farmer, he needs to identify his herd by some mark.  We belong to Christ, and we are marked with a cross on our foreheard.  As Steve says, I declared war with Satan and I show to the world that my loyalty is with Jesus and His Church. Right on Steve.