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by Steve Ray on December 17, 2004

On our way to Washington DC again for two days to help our daughter and return her son Dominic (who spent the week with us — we will MISS him). Grandkids are great!

In the meantime:

Did the Wise Men Meet the Shepherds?

Fascinating Differences in the Story of Jesus’ Birth
by Steve Ray
(Published in The Catholic Answer Nov/Dec 2004 issue)

A king was born. But He was born unlike most kings. There was no pomp and circumstance; there were no midwives or court attendants. There was only the bleating of sheep and the buzzing of flies. Birth in a cave-turned-stable was not like birth in a royal palace. . . .


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The Council that Wasn’t
The Myth of Jabneh and the Old Testament Canon
by Steve Ray
(Published in This Rock Sept 2004 issue)

Many myths are believed not because they are true but simply because people want to believe them. But wishful thinking is a poor substitute for truth. It is always preferable to dig deep and discover the facts and not believe things only because you want them to be true.
For instance, it is popular in some Protestant circles to claim that the Jews had a closed canon of Scripture in the first century A.D. and that the early Christians accepted this final Jewish collection of inspired writings as final and binding upon the Church. . . .


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 Steve has created a Sacraments Chart showing the Biblical basis for each sacrament, the Catechism paragraphs, the form, the matter, the frequency and more. Excellent for teaching children, CCD and RCIA classes and for a handy reference. The chart was developed to go along with Steve’s comprehensive audio tape series on The Seven Sacraments: Food for the Journey, Weapons for War. The talks are especially designed to be help Catholics understand and defend the Catholic Faith.

For a free download of the Sacrament Chart (word.doc format), click here.
To see or purchase The Seven Sacraments tape set, click here.

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