Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Little Creep with Too Much Time on his Hands

by Steve Ray on December 14, 2004

Some people have too much time on their hands and too little of substance in their heads. Some people rise early in the morning to pray to God and serve their fellow man, while others stay up late at night to prey on God’s people and to harm their fellow man.

Last night such an empty-headed, nameless coward tried (and failed) to destroy my Defenders of the Catholic Faith Message Board which has over 1300 members. The forum is a group of tight-knit, fun-loving, solidly-Catholic, and ever friendly and courteous members. They help each other, discuss theology and all of life, pray together, and fellowship together. They openly share their lives, their faith, and their fun.

Last night some lonely guy (I suppose he was a guy) hacked into the site. He deleted many of the messages, set up a porno site to pop up instead of our Catholic forum, and then ran like a coward with a yellow streak down his back. (He better run because I am investigating and will come after him when I find him.)

It didn’t take long for the damage to be repaired and the software updated with new patches. A little damage produced a whole lot of good. People pulled together, the cyber community grew stronger, we learned to be more vigilant, moderators became heroes, and by defeating evil we brought glory to God.

Plus, read the messages posted since the hacker attacked and notice the humor, the sense of teamwork and charity. You immediately notice that all that the silly little man did was open the door for the grace of God to abound. Maybe that is why we are supposed to love our enemies?