I Was Challenged! Not to a Dual but to a Debate

by Steve Ray on September 16, 2004

I was challenged to a debate in a very unprofessional manner with the short subject line message in an e-mail that said: “Subject: are you going to be in the Southeast anytime soon? – perhaps we can have a debate.“

Responding to his e-mail I wrote: “Debate? What would we debate — who to elect for president? Why would I want to debate you? I don’t even know who you are.“

He replied: “I am an apologist with the churches of Christ. I’ve had over 80 formal, public, oral debates including a few with Roman Catholics on the following three topics: sola scriptura, original sin, infant baptism. I live near Huntsville, Alabama.”

So, I have to ask myself, why would I want to debate some guy from a Fundamentalist fringe group? Why would I want to fly to Alabama to debate some guy I’ve never heard of before? And why would I give the time of day to some fellow who seems to view debating as some kind of hobby or sport?

Naw, I am flattered someone wants to debate me but life is too short to waste it on such frivolous contests. But hey, maybe he can debate my younger brother who was once a “Church of Christer” and who has now come into the Catholic Church with his family.

((After reading this my younger brother wrote: “I was reading your blog and came across your debate enthusiast. I was immersed into Christ in the tub at the Church of Christ and would love to debate him. I could quote many of the verses I have memorized. Most over a bowl of hot Cocoa Wheat’s while hearing moms radio program “Through the Bible with Dr. McGee.” Tell me when he is going to hitch hike up here so I can have time to work with my debate coach. (Andrew, he is good at debating.“))


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