Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Voting for a Protestant, not a “Catholic”

by Steve Ray on August 31, 2004

I was shocked at myself today. While talking to my wife, I stopped in unbelief as I said, “We are going to vote for a Protestant against the Catholic! I am going to vote for George W. Bush, not the “Catholic” John Kerry!”

“But,” I thought, “of course. George W. Bush, the good Protestant, is acting more like a Catholic than John Kerry who says he is Catholic (in private anyway) yet denies and flaunts the basics of the Catholic faith.”

Kerry claims to be Catholic, yet supports abortion, flouts the Church’s rules on the Eucharist, and by his very choices and actions denies the Faith. On the other hand, Bush is a Protestant who adamantly supports the unborn and he is not afraid to announce his Christian faith to the world — and to act upon it.

So, as for me and my family we will vote for the good Protestant and pray for the bad Catholic. And may the Lord graciously give us, and the world, another four years with a president who practices the Christian faith in his public life and who loves freedom, who loves God and the unborn, and who is willing to act upon his faith and defend freedom in the world.

And even though I am not one to usually jump on bandwagons, with all that is at stake, I have to say, “Viva George W. Bush!”

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