Wednesday, August 18, 2004

“I cannot imagine a more valuable resource for families than Steve Ray’s series of videos, The Footprints of God.  The rich on-location visuals, the active pace of the narrative, the background of exotic adventure, and the frequent touches of humor make them engrossing even for children, yet their exploration of theology, history and Scripture – always presented in an informal, chatty and entertaining way — frequently reaches depths which richly reward the adult viewer, even one with extensive theological training.  The Old Testament videos bring the Hebrew Scriptures to life, vividly illustrating the significance of the Old Testament events and characters in the unfolding of Christian salvation history prior to the Incarnation, while the New Testament videos bring the viewer into intimate contact with the lives, settings, and meaning of the key figures and events of post-Incarnation salvation history. Throughout, the intimate link between the Old Testament and the New, between Judaism (i.e. pre-Messianic Christianity) and Catholicism (i.e. post-Messianic Judaism) come alive in a way never before seen on the screen.“


Roy Schoeman

author, Salvation is from the Jews, Ignatius Press

Steve Ray’s Footprints of God series is one of the proofs that a well-educated and creative laity is going to be playing an absolutely vital role in the New Evangelization for which Pope John Paul II has called.  Steve makes learning our Faith a blast.  My kids love the series as much as I do!  I think my youngest son wants to be Steve when he grows up.”
—Mark Shea
Author of By What Authority?
Senior Content Editor of