Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My Grandson Attacked by a Squirrel

by Steve Ray on July 28, 2004

Yesterday my son Jesse and his wife Anna came over to preview our newly finished DVD “Paul, Contending for the Faith” which will be released September 1. Earlier in the day I had caught a squirrel who was chewing up our bird seed storage bin. I held the squirrel captive until my grandchildren arrived. Joshua was quite excited. He watched the squirrel until we were ready to let him go. I opened the cage reached in and the squirrel went crazy.

He leapt out of the cage, hit my chest and launched himself over to my 85 year old father. He landed on my dad for a split second before leaping again, this time landing right on poor Joshua’s face. He is only 1 1/2 years old and when the squirrel used his face for a launching pad off the porch, poor Josh was quite terrified. The picture (below left) is of Josh with his bandaid covering the “boo boo”. He was a good sport and is quite good at making the squirrel sound, and very interested is squirrels now, I think. When I catch the squirrel again this week I am taking him to a taxidermist and Josh will have a stuffed squirrel for Christmas!

Life as a grandfather is very exciting and I love every minute of it. By the way, below right is a picture of me holding Josh’s new sister, Maria Faustina Ray.


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When Will Arafat Leave?

by Steve Ray on July 28, 2004

Arab World Figures Call on Arafat to “Pack His Bags” 

Editors, writers, and political commentators throughout the Arab world have stepped up their calls on Arafat to step aside, holding him responsible for widespread corruption and disasters that have plagued the Palestinians over the past three decades, THE JERUSALEM POST reported. Dr. Ibrahim Hamami, a Palestinian writer living in London, has joined the chorus of Arafat critics in one of the most scathing attacks yet on the PA chairman.

Hamami, in an open letter to Arafat published on the Palestinian Web site Falasteen, urged Arafat to pack his bags and leave together with all his “corrupt cronies.” Hamami said Arafat’s “disastrous” policies have led the Palestinians from one catastrophe to another. “Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed in Lebanon and Jordan and now in Palestine because of your systematic corruption ever since you came to power in 1968,” he added, addressing Arafat.

Veteran Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi called on Arafat to end his “one-man show” in the PA and warned of more unrest in Gaza as weapons flow into the Strip. “As long as he controls the security forces, he is breaking the fundamental law,” Ashrawi, a prominent Palestinian Christian, said in an interview in the Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick. “We should put this one-man-show behind us,” Ashrawi said. “Instead of talking about (individual) people, we should at last be talking about institutions and laws.”