Falling off Horses

by Steve Ray on June 6, 2004

Yes, I am exhausted. My wife Janet and I have spent the last four days in Phoenix filming catch-up shots for the Paul video/DVD and doing the “Behind the Scenes” interviews. It was over 110 degrees every day we were there and that alone can sap your strength in no time. But we were working hard, much of the time outside catching up on a few shots for our Paul documentary.

The funnest and most grueling was the footage for Paul's conversion on the Road to Damascus. We have actually filmed at that spot and discussed the meaning and importance of the site. You can see Damascus down the road in the distance. But we chose to film me riding the horse in the deserts of Phoenix due to time and logistics. I had a beautiful horse and galloped for hours back and forth for the cameras. The most grueling part was falling off six times unto the hard ground. Besides a scraped up knee and a few sore muscles I fared pretty well.

We go back later this month to put the video together with music, art, maps, etc. and it will be ready in both DVD and video by September 1, just before we leave for Israel to film the movie on David/Solomon. Keep us in your prayers. I will also be on EWTN's The Journey Home this week.

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