May 2004

Here is our family ten years ago this Pentecost. Blessed be God forever! All our sponsors will join us this Pentecost Sunday as the 6 of us, now 12, will take up the gifts in the same parish with the same priest, Fr. Ed Fride. We are blessed!

This is Fr. Ed anointing our daughter Cindy, with son Jesse and Charlotte standing to her right. Sponsors Paul and Trudy Brandenburg, Al and Sally Kresta and John McAlpine behind them. Janet and I are in the back with baby Emily and our friend Rob Corzine who joined with us with his sponsor Gary Michuta. 

 and here we are again with me holding Emily for baptism with Charlotte and Jesse wide-eyed behind. Tony Zahm is the acolyte assisting.


I’m Getting Old

by Steve Ray on May 29, 2004

When your third grandchild is born and the fourth is on the way it seems your joints start to ache a bit more and bedtime keeps getting earlier. Ah, just kidding. I still feel like I'm 18 years old. But, one half hour ago my third grandchild, and my first granddaughter was born to my son Jesse and his wife Anna in Ann Arbor Michigan. She weighed in at 6 lbs. 12 oz. with lots of dark hair and is named Maria Faustina Ray. We are hoping to have her baptized this Sunday, Pentecost, 10 years after our family joined the Catholic Church. She could then join the ranks of the faithful on the same feast day, only ten years later.

Yesterday our company lost our largest account. It will be very painful. My son and part owner of our business, after hearing of the loss, at the same time the baby was born, said, “You know dad, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord!”

It is hard to pass the faith on to the next generation (unlike me, God has no grandchildren) and it is marvelous to see your children filled with faith in our Lord and love for his Church — and ready to pass that faith on to my grandchildren who will pass it on again to theirs, long after I've become worm food — but, only until the day of resurrection when in my flesh I will see God — along with all my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren . . .

Wipe the tears Steve! Geez, sure is easy to get emotional about family. Whew! For a bunch of pictures, click here.


10 Years Catholic — We Celebrate!

by Steve Ray on May 24, 2004

Our whole family was received into the Catholic Church on Pentecost Sunday, May 22, 1994. Today is May 22, 2004 — ten years later. This year Pentecost Sunday falls on May 28 and our parish has invited our family to bring up the gifts at Mass. We were six then; we are twelve now — two in utero. My oldest daughter and son are both married, faithful Catholics, each with a baby and each with another on the way.

We have invited Rob Corzine to join us. We invited him to join us 10 years ago and we “adopted“ him as part of our family. He joined the Church with us on May 22, 1994. He is now Scott Hahn's administrator. We have also invited all of our sponsors — beloved friends.

Ten years? It went so fast! I still feel like a new convert!

We felt like new converts at our 5 year anniversary too, and the wine just about spilt all over our priest Fr. Ed Fride — the wonderful and faithful priest who brought our family into the Church and who will celebrate Mass this Pentecost. On our 5th Anniversary they invited our family to bring up the gifts and we did. I was carrying the jug of wine. But, halfway up the isle I broke into a sprint up to surprised Fr. Ed and with tears gushing from my eyes I gave him a huge bear hug.

I thanked him profusely for helping us into the Church and squeezed him until my family caught up with me. Then I let go of Fr. Ed and handed the wine to the deacon. Fr. Ed later said he wondered where the wine went and if it was running down his back. It was a joyful Mass.

This week we get to do it again — a decade after the mercy of God opened our eyes and brought us into port. (It you want to read the story of our first Mass it is in our book Crossing the Tiber.) Fr. Ed is again at our mercy, but this time I have decided to put the kids all out front with me in the back with my very best friend — my wife Janet. That way I can still cry but at least I will have 10 people in front of me to block my sprint to the altar. I hope I can contain myself.

“Dear Lord Jesus, thanks for the mercy and kindness you have granted our unworthy family. Thanks for my dear wife, for my Catholic family, for Fr. Ed, for Christ the King, for Pope John Paul II, and for bringing us home to the Catholic Church. Our lives are yours! Use us for another 10 years and beyond until we all meet you in glory! Amen!”


Therese the Movie Opening Oct. 1

May 23, 2004

"Thérèse" Aiming for Oct. 1 Première in Cinemas BEAVERTON, OR, MAY 21, 2004 ( "Thérèse," the film about the Carmelite saint of Lisieux, which will première Oct. 1, has already received a standing ovation. The ovation came last year during a private showing to the Roman Curia. The film was due to be released last […]

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Pro-abort Politicians and the Eucharist

May 19, 2004

Dr. Ed Peters, renowned Canon lawyer, weighs in on the issue of pro-abortion politicians receiving the Eucharist. In the past it was a less prominent issue since it usually remained a local issue, but now that Senator Kerry is galloping around the country flaunting his disobedience to the Church it has become much more of […]

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My Daughter is confirmed & Confirmation is Jewish

May 16, 2004

My youngest daughter was confirmed last Thursday. My Baptists parents graciously attended the ceremony and honestly asked: "What is confirmation? Are they confirmed in the Catholic Church? What does it mean to you?" Well that was a fair and honest question and I cannot thank them enough for attending and for honestly trying to understand […]

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New Babies on the Way

May 10, 2004

Just let my friends try to catch up! We are out of the chutes and running! Grandbabies are abounding and what a JOY! My daughter Cindy (with husband Ben) and my son Jesse (with wife Anna) surprised us by having their babies on the SAME night — January 9, 2003. The first two grandsons born […]

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Some Older Bishops and Leisure Suits

May 5, 2004

This recent article by Karl Keating just had to be reprinted. The Old Guard vs. the Young Fogeys is an interesting generation gap in the Church. Enjoy! A BISHOP CAUGHT IN AMBER Dear Friend of Catholic Answers:   To the left-wing Catholic intelligentsia, Kenneth Untener was a model bishop. “Bishop Ken,” as he liked to […]

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I’m Behind because of the Great Blogger!

May 3, 2004

The Great Blogger spent the last week at my house. Yes, I am referring to Mark Shea, but it as not only him, it was also an august group of other guys who were at my house. It is hard to keep up with Blogs, websites, and even work when such a group “invades”. I […]

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