March 2004

The Start of a New & Good Thing

by Steve Ray on March 30, 2004

Blogs have risen to prominence on the Internet. My first question was, “What is a blog; what does “blog” stand for? Mark Shea, a good friend of mine who has a fine Blog of his own, gave me the simple answer: “It is a Web Log.” It is a way to share thoughts, start conversations, inform the public, and comment on current news and events.

So, Defenders of the Catholic Faith now has a Blog which I — Steve Ray — will try to use on a regular basis to discuss things that concern us all most: our Catholic faith and applying it to the real world and our lives. I hope to have other good folks join me in writing blogs — we'll see how it develops over time.

If you have any comments or suggestions as I get this off the ground, please feel free to write.

 Steve Ray  3/30/04