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by Steve Ray on December 18, 2016

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We are happy to announce a 20% site-wide sale on all products on our web store. For a limited time, spend $20 and get 20% off your entire order. This offer is valid for through Dec. 31, 2016.

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Follow Steve in Twitter

by Steve Ray on March 19, 2014

I can’t put everything on my blog that I can quickly share on Twitter. Plus, Twitter notifies all my followers immediately of everything I share on my blog. Ain’t technology grand?

If you want to keep up with all our adventures, blog posts, pictures and videos, pilgrimages and other fun stuff – as well as apologetics, Catholic and Bible study topics…

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Humbling Message for Me from a New Priest

by Steve Ray on September 20, 2013

Dear Steve,

Just a note to thank you for your apostolate and message boards. I first saw you at the very first Fullness of Truth Conference in Houston Texas, with Alex Jones, Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, ect. This conference was the crossroads where I had to face the Truth that Holy Mother Church was who, in fact, she says She Is. The pope’s authority was one of the several key issues I was trying to reconcile. This conference was directly responsible for my re-version back to the faith.

After that conference I spent the next two years using your message boards to understand the faith and become an apologists. At the end of the day, God used you to help me in my reversion and provided a e-community for me to nourish and grow my faith.

Just so you know, at age 37, I was ordained a priest for the Fathers of Mercy on June 2, 2012. I absolutely love being a priest and a minister of God’s Mercy.

Thank you for all you do in Christ!

Fr. Ken Geraci, CPM
Fathers of Mercy




Give the Gift of Renewed Faith

November 22, 2012

  We don’t like the big focus on a consumeristic Christmas either, but we do want more people to share the truth of the Catholic Church with their family and friends…so we are discounting our most popular CDs & DVDs from now until December 10 at Enjoy!   $10 off my 6 most Popular […]

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New Wikipedia Entry for Steve Ray; What Do You Think?

August 7, 2012

There is now an entry for me on Wikipedia. What do you think? How could it be approved? Any suggestions for the editors? You can see it HERE.

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Our Websites Get a Facelift :-)

December 11, 2011

Adam Henriksen from Arizona is here at our house in cold Michigan to give our websites a much needed update and facelift. Technology keeps advancing and we want to keep up with it. We will have a lot of tweaks and fixes as we change over to the updated software. Bear with us. It should […]

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Top 5 Downloads from my Free Resources

August 18, 2011

My website keeps track of the number of documents downloaded from my Resources — which are free for anyone to download and use. Here are the Top Five over the last few months. You can find them all and hundreds more by clicking on “Free Resources” on my Home page at

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Social Networking

July 22, 2011

Follow us on Twitter: http// Follow us on Facebook:

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For Those Who Want to Track us Closely…

February 3, 2011

…follow us on Twitter at twitter

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Faith Database Now Available

January 13, 2011

Faith Database is an incredible resource for Catholics who want to have Bible Study and Catholic Research at their fingertips. What would St. Paul, St. Augustine, or St. Thomas Aquinas say with all this at their fingertips! Faith Database is truly incredible and I use it every day. It gives me almost 2,000 Bibles, books, […]

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Steve’s “Sometimes” Newsletter

January 3, 2011

I try to publish an e-mail newsletter 3 or 4 times a year. Want to sign up for the e-mail newsletter? Or, see the first two newsletters? Just click here.

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For December Posts…

January 1, 2011

…click below to see posts before the New Year! December 2010 and earlier

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New Catholic Scripture Study (CSS) Bible

December 3, 2010

And lots of other good things to buy for Christmas! Free shipping on some orders. Visit Steve’s Store here.

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Steve Ray’s New Facebook Page

November 23, 2010

Can you have too many friends? Facebook says YES. At the 5,000 friend threshold, Facebook forces us to set up a new page. My old page at will be discontinued on January 1, 2011 and this new page will replace it. The new site is now available at All posts and comments will […]

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Sorry I’ve Fallen Behind

July 20, 2010

Sorry I’ve fallen behind on my blog but time is very limited and I’ve not had Internet access readily available. I’ve been limited to my iPhone. We have been giving 2 to 3 talks a day of 2-3 hours each. Exhausting and not leaving a lot of time for getting to Internet access to update […]

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Sorry the “Comments” have not been working – now fixed

May 12, 2010

For some reason there was a glitch which caused the spam to filter all Comments. It is now fixed. For those who want to leave reasonable Comments – you are welcome. For those who want to leave spam and hostile Comments – I moderate them all an allow only those that are appropriate. So, Comment […]

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