Enjoy our day with these great Knights and Ladies in Northern Israel….

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B33BC3AB-68A9-403B-8B78-1347C4866C2FSteve Ray here. I am a Knight. My wife Janet is a Lady.

We are proud members of a chivalrous Order with a noble history of 1,000 years. Our mission: to defend and support the Christian presence in the Holy Land.

C1714FD5-92E4-4C3C-A61C-2387FCCABF8AToday fifty fellow Knights and Ladies of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre arrived in Israel to join us on a pilgrimage following the august steps of millions before them. In the past they arrived by ship and horses (and camels). Today they arrived by airplane and motor coach.

8751AB24-D9BC-4BDD-894F-22C94BC1CEABJanet and I will guide them along with our excellent friend and local guide Amer Shehadeh who is also a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre. He is a Palestinian Arab, Roman Catholic Israeli citizen. There is no better and more knowledgeable Catholic guide in the country. We have worked together on more than 60 Pilgrimages!

197ECD56-D78A-4AAA-9480-50D50AFF8546The North Lieutenancy chapter, with their chaplain Bishop Carl Kemme of Wichita Kansas, has sent these principled Knights and Ladies to see the land, support the local Christians, pray and celebrate Mass at the holiest sites, see the empty Tomb of Christ and earn their pilgrimage shell.

They arrived today and we are proud to lead this noble Order through the Land to visit and experience the Christians and holy sites they’ve sworn to defend and support!

Below is a video of their arrival at the Ben Gurion Airport, their journey north to Galilee and our first Mass and dinner in the Holy Land as the sun sets over the Sea!

FAMILY AND FRIENDS—Please leave your loved ones notes and comments below. I will read them each day on the bus. You can also e-mail me at sray@me.com.


Early, early start to pray the real Stations of the Cross. Calvary and tour of the whole Church of Holy Sepulchre.

We settled into our benches for our High Mass with Francisans at the Tomb of Christ.

The Western Wall on Bar Mitzvah day is always a unique and colorful experience then a free afternoon to explore, pray, rest or whatever the pilgrims wanted to do.

Watch Part 2 with Comments, Farewells and final thoughts.


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Today Janet and I went to Mass Here in Jerusalem a day before our group arrives. Always moving to share the Liturgy with the local Christians in the in the Middle East.

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