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This is a rendition of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Hymn to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.


Dave Palm’s latest. Please enjoy some fresh content on Geocentrism Debunked:

Getting on the Wrong Wavelength: More Basic Physics Blunders by the Geocentrists:  Geocentrist leader Robert Sungenis answered our last slate of articles in part by insisting that by “using the parameters of modern science”, “it turns out that the Earth is the heaviest object in the universe, just as Aristotle said.”  His alleged support for this remarkable claim is laid out in more detail in a section of his book, Galileo Was Wrong.  Turning there we find yet again that when Sungenis and his associates try to do actual physics the results are shot through with demonstrable misconceptions, oversights, logical contradictions, and outright math errors.  All of these and more are on display in this section of the geocentric “bible”.  So has “modern science” really found that the Earth is the heaviest object in the universe, or have Sungenis and Co. again gotten the math and physics wrong?  You decide.

Growing by Leaps and Bounds?:  In a recent public email Sungenis claimed that their movement is “going forward by leaps and bounds”.  It’s an interesting statement when viewed in a larger context.  The new geocentrist movement is divisible into two inter-warring factions: geocentrists who believe the Earth is shaped like a sphere, and those who believe the Earth is flat.  The former have preempted the label “geocentrists” while the latter usually refer to themselves as “flat Earthers”.  Mr. Sungenis and his associates are firmly among the former.  But as shown in this article, it is actually the latter who are growing by leaps and bounds.  What’s more, as we see in the companion article, “Flat Earth has Global Appeal while Ball Earth Geocentrism is Flat-lining”, interest in ordinary ball earth geocentrism is pretty much limited to the United States, while Flat Earth geocentrism has appeal around the globe.

General Relativity Leaves No Room for Strict Geocentrism:  The neo-geocentrists continue to insist that, somehow or other, General Relativity “allows for” their own view, strict geocentrism.  They continue to cite a quote from Albert Einstein that supposedly supports this.  But they always leave off the last part of the quote, where Einstein says that General Relativity represents, “a physics in which there would be no place for absolute, but only for relative motion . . . ” (my emphasis).  The neo-geocentrists are found yet again clinging to a dishonest equivocation, “supported” by quotes taken out of context, claiming that General Relativity which categorically excludes the possibility of one, absolute, motionless center of the universe somehow still “allows for” that same view.  It fools some people, it sells some books and DVDs, but it’s intellectually dishonest.

Thus, to be viable, geocentrism has to leave off its parasitic relationship to General Relativity and stand on its own two feet. That it cannot do, as outlined in Why Geocentrism is ‘Junk Science’”.


What Kind of Music Did Abraham Listen To?

by Steve Ray on February 27, 2017

UrMusic.jpgOur next DVD in the Footprints of God series will be entitled “Abraham, Father of Faith & Works.” We will begin filming in Iraq — in Ur of Chaldees — which is the home of Abraham, just south of Baghdad (Gen 11:28-31).

Thanks to the Biblical Archaeology Society to which I subscribe, we can now listen to music that Abraham listened to.

Click here to listen to The Music of Ur, a musical duet featuring a lyre and double pipes such as those found at the ancient city of Ur. Click here to to learn more about these instruments and the music from that time period.

Enjoy! And you can hear this kind of music on our Footprints of God DVD. We follow Abraham from Iraq (yeah, we really went there to film :-) to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

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Incredible New Video “From Conception to Birth”

February 19, 2017

Make sure everyone sees this because it is a marvelous argument against abortion. This is new technology that won its inventors the Nobel Prize. It pulls back the curtain on the developing baby and the mystery inside the womb. Hang in there for the first three minutes while he is explaining the technology — the […]

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For those following the Geocentrism arguments and updates

October 27, 2016

MGeocentricism is the view that the earth is the center of the universe and everything revolves around the earth. This is contrary to everything we know and real science that denies this. Dave Palm has been decisively rebutting Bob Sungenis and his followers who actually believe the whole universe spins around the earth. For four […]

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Google and the Vatican Work Together so you can Tour the Catacombs in Rome

June 25, 2016

Since we are touring the catacombs today, thought you would all enjoy a tour yourself. Early Christian burial sites are now easier to see, both in person and via the Internet, thanks to 21st-century technology and collaboration between Google and the Vatican. “This is perhaps the sign of the joining of two extremes, remote antiquity […]

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Planets, Dr. Seuss and Snowflakes—Combined Proof That There is a CREATOR

May 11, 2016

This reflection is by Larry Peterson of the Catholic Writers Guild. It is reprinted from the guild’s blog April 5, 1016. Ten  years ago, NASA’s new, Horizon Spacecraft left our humble, little planet and began its voyage to to the edges of our solar system and beyond. After traveling 3 billion-plus miles, New Horizon finally passed Pluto, […]

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Is this the Oldest Image of the Virgin Mary?

March 28, 2016

New York Times By Michael Peppard JANUARY 30, 2016 THE Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the most revered woman in the Christian tradition. In the history of art, she appears almost as frequently as Jesus himself. But for the past 80 years, one of the oldest paintings of her may have been hiding […]

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Wow! Sistine Chapel Explained; Now You See Why We Only Use Liz as our Guide in Rome!

January 25, 2016

We have four pilgrimages to Rome this year AND LIZ IS OUR GUIDE FOR ALL OF THEM! Take a look at this video to see Liz’s amazing knowledge, passion for the Catholic Faith and eloquence. Enjoy this amazing video. To join our upcoming Year of Mercy Rome-Assisi pilgrimages, visit Our first trip is in […]

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Atheism Rationally Explained :-)

January 12, 2016

ATHEISM: The belief that there was absolutely nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits of random stuff thrown together by chance which then turned into dinosaurs who crawled out of […]

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Christmas Piano – a Performance by my 12-year old Grandson Josh – Wow!

December 17, 2015

We are not quite sure what to think of this boy. One day at our house he started playing the piano at eight years old. The next thing we know it’s difficult to find a teacher for him because he is so talented. I know it didn’t come from Janet or I, or other ancestors […]

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Pope Francis’s Encyclical: Updates, Reviews, Critiques

June 23, 2015

A lot is being said about Laudato Si both from supporters and critics — of which I guess I am both. I would fall in the camp of the Acton Institute… Here are eight links worth reading and watching as you digest and work through the new encyclical. 1) Acton Institute critique by my friend […]

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My Grandson’s Surprising Three Instrument Composition – in one day!

April 21, 2015

My son Jesse wrote this morning about our 12 year old grandson Joshua Thomas Ray. Here is what he said,  “Yesterday I teased Joshua about his compositions only having one instrument in them. Today I came home from work and he asked me to listen to this (video below) also linking his sheet music. It […]

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My Grandson Josh’s (12 years old) Latest Piano Composition – finished between lunch and dinner :-o

March 27, 2015

He has a gift and it must be from God because it didn’t come from us :-)

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For those following the Geocentrism Debate – I especially enjoyed the one on Pitfalls of Over-literal Interpretation

February 28, 2015

From my friend David Palm who runs the website It almost seems crazy to post blogs debating whether the sun rotates around the earth, or that the earth is the center of the universe with everything revolving around IT. But there are actually people out there with aluminum foil caps with antennas :-)  who […]

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Geocentrism Debunked Again and Again and their Movie Bombs (more on that soon)

November 14, 2014

DAVE PALM WRITES: The really exciting thing about this latest update of Geocentrism Debunked ( is that I didn’t write any of the new material myself.  Others are seeing the problems with the geocentric enterprise and weighing in.  Over four years ago physicist Dr. Tom Bridgman issued the “Lagrange point challenge” in response to geocentrist […]

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